Specials Menu Fall/Winter 2018-2019

North African Specialties Menu

Merguez is a North African sausage made with lamb, beef, and spices. They’re kind of like beef hot links or chorizo. We make them in house. Sometimes we sell out really fast. Please ask if we have them before ordering.


Merguez Sandwich (6” French roll, harissa mayo, tomato, arugula) – $8.95

Merguez Burrito or Bowl (choice of two:  rice, beans, or charred vegetables) $9.95

Merguez and crispy potato tacos, 2 to an order $6.50



Served with flatbread


Bissara (North African fava bean dip) $5

Zalouk (North African eggplant dip) $5




Sweet onion, orange, and arugula salad $6


Fresh fava bean, lemon, parsley, arugula, and pomegranate salad $7.50


Mechouia salad (roasted tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant with garlic yogurt sauce)  $8


Grilled and Roasted Meat Combination Plates (like kebabs without the skewer)


Served with basmati rice with nuts and dried fruit or couscous,  zalouk, bissara , flatbread

Add one falafel $2.50

Add fried cauliflower $2.50


Lamb shawarma (8 ounces, marinated in ras el hanout, lemon, garlic, and herbs) $14


Lamb porterhouse (2 pieces cooked medium rare) $16


Bistro steak: very tender cut, second only to filet mignon, but with more beefy flavor (8 ounces, cooked medium rare) $16


Pre-order 48 hours in advance


Whole pumpkin stuffed with basmati rice, dried fruit, and nuts (contains butter) $30

Serves 6-8 as a side dish, 4-6 as a main


Weekends only (pre-order for now)


Mechoui boneless leg of lamb $14 per pound

Mechoui goat leg $14 per pound