North African Pastries, Cookies, and Sweets (Traditional and International Flavors)

Cookies and Sweets (please note that our cookies are generally not as sweet as traditional North African and Middle Eastern cookies).

We have gift packaging for our cookies and note cards.

Hot mint tea $3.00. Made with fresh mint leaves from our patio garden and green tea (gunpowder tea).


Ethiopian Pour over coffee $3.00


Cookies with nuts clearly state that they have nuts. Cookies are not made in a gluten free or nut free kitchen.


Seasonal cookies. Limited run special.


Candied spiced pumpkin (cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves), whipped cream and creme fraiche, brown butter pate sablee cookie crust $2.00


Mexican baklava (this is our sweetest cookie)

Peanut mazapan, dulche de leche, Mexican chocolate, shredded filo $2.00


Pumpkin seed and chocolate nests $1.75

Pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, shredded filo, and butter


Cashew nests $1.50

Cashews, sugar, shredded filo, and butter


Chocolate chip semolina cookies $1.50

Semolina flour (the same flour used to make dried pasta), butter, sugar, cornstarch, baking powder, and dark chocolate chips


Lemon cookies $1.50

Semolina flour, lemon juice, lemon oil, lemon zest, candied lemon, butter, cornstarch, baking powder


Date newtons $1.50

Dates, orange zest, semolina flour, butter, sugar, cornstarch


Almond cigars $1.50

Almonds, sugar, and North African pastry sheets similar to filo, but better because it’s crunchier


Olive Oil and Orange cookies with orange honey syrup $1.75

Semolina, flour, eggs, olive oil, orange juice, orange zest, orange oil, and honey


Toasted Flour Cookies taste a bit like fudge without the icky characteristics of fudge. They have a delicious nutty flavor and silky dry texture that dissolves in your mouth. Our versions are not too sweet.


Cocoa polvorones/mantecados $1.75

Toasted flour, cocoa powder, olive oil, and butter


Milk polvorones/mantecados $1.75

Toasted flour, milk, olive oil, butter, sesame seeds


Chickpea cookies with pistachios and cardamom $2.00

Toasted chickpea flour, olive oil, butter, cardamom, and pistachios


Bunuelos $1.75