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Revolutionario is featured in Lighthouse Magazine’s September 2016 issue.


Discover LA- “Great Places to Eat Near USC”– We made the list for the second year in a row.

Thank you Daily Trojan. Revolutionario is on its way to becoming USC’s favorite restaurant. “As the sun starts to set and dinner rolls around the corner, many students leave campus looking for new and exotic dinner options in the area. Luckily there’s Revolutionario: North African Tacos on Jefferson Boulevard, which serves up some of the most interesting and unique tacos in town. Tacos include duck hash tacos, Pozole tagine tacos, made of vegetables, hominy, lamb, beef, chicken and chickpea tagine tacos, with spinach, sweet potatoes. The menu also has burritos, sandwiches and salads.”


Thank you, Santa Monica Daily Press.


Expo Line tour: North African tacos at Revolutionario

But the crown jewel of the neighborhood is undoubtedly Revolutionario, which is located at 1436 W. Jefferson Blvd., east of Normandie Avenue.

 (Best place to eat when the Rams are playing home games and for tailgating party catering needs)
Just when Angelenos thought they’d seen every variation on the taco, French-Algerian chef Farid Zadi opened his North African eatery, which now features everything from shakshouka breakfast tacos to chickpea tagine tacos and chermoula-spiced barbacoa tacos (not to mention a growing list of nontaco dishes). The interesting menu and mix of flavors here keeps food lovers happy, and this laidback spot offers inexpensive game-day eats a short drive from the Coliseum (two miles).

Eater L.A.: An Eater’s Guide to Los Angeles

The vast swath of Los Angeles known as South LA is many things to many people, carrying with it a square mileage that’s larger than the entire island of Manhattan. Within its borders you’ll find everything from drive-thru restaurants to longstanding sit down restaurants like Hawkins House of Burgers, a cheap eats stalwart in Watts. Not far away is LocoL, Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson’s genre-bending healthy fast food franchise. Revolutionario works up some of the city’s most inventive North African tacos up on Jefferson, while Delicious Pizzaon historic Adams Boulevard marries slices and soundtracks to the city’s thriving music scene.

Revolutionario made Thrillist’s nationalist list of “RIDICULOUS FUSION RESTAURANTS THAT ARE ACTUALLY FANTASTIC”

L.A. Taco’s 2016 Taco Madness champ Revolutionario is just one in a seemingly endless line of baller SoCal fusion joints. French-Algerian chef Farid Zadi spices up burritos, bowls, and tacos with distinctly North African ingredients like black-eyed pea falafel, vegetable tagines, halal smoked lamb and duck hash, and shakshuka, a succulent mix of poached eggs atop a cumin-rich tomato-chili sauce

Thanks to J. Gold for the shout out during his live lunch chat. But we’re Mexican-Algerian or Mexican- North African. “Am I talking about the Mexican-Moroccan mashups at Revolutionario Tacos near USC? Not specifically, but possibly.”

City Council honors top immigrant restaurants

“Revolutionario, a taco shop operated by Algerian-American chef Farid Zadi, who blends North African and Mexican cooking methods, from Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson’s 8th District.”


Tacos con tinte político

En el local Revolutionario decidieron darle una utilidad política a este furor gastronómico.

Este jueves, este pequeño restaurante del sur de Los Ángeles ofrece tacos gratisa quienes visiten el lugar.

Su dueña, Susan Park, le cuenta a BBC Mundo que, aparte de como celebración, lo hace como una declaración de intenciones.

Es un gesto político“, afirma.

Quiero recordarle a la gente que más del 80% de los agricultores de aquí son de origen latino y, de ellos, más del 70% son mexicanos.

“Es un mensaje para todos aquellos que hablan de expulsar a los inmigrantes y construir vallas que nos separen”, subraya.

Para Park, la fiesta del 5 de mayo no es ni mexicana ni estadounidense, sino una combinación de ambos, “una celebración que le debemos a los chicanos. Es también muestra de la asimilación de los latinos en la sociedad“.



Winner of Taco Madness 2016!!!

Congratulations to our winner, Revolutionario!!!

This first-time competitor steam-rolled the competition until the last round, when it met former champion Mariscos Jalisco, and pulled out a slim victory in the wee hours of the night.

Chef Zadi’s unique North African “Tacos Sin Fronteras” proved themselves to be the people’s choice. If you haven’t tried their tacos yet, go check them out today!!!

Revolutionario made Conde Nast Traveler’s top food trends for 2016. 

LA WEEKLY- Ode to $3 tacos

Revolutionario gets a mention. Our tacos are $1.75-$3.45.

Front Page Feature on The Wave (The West’s largest Black newspaper)

“There was a ban on fast food restaurants in South L.A. which solved nothing, because you can’t take away something without offering an alternative.” -Susan Park, co-owner with husband Chef Farid Zadi at Revolutionario. Read the story on South L.A.’s new “fresh fast”.

Revolutionario made the list: The 10 Hottest Taco Spots in Los Angeles Right Now (Eater LA)

LA WEEKLY, Best of 2015 Issue

Best North African Tacos

USC Daily Trojan

“Their spot in Exposition Park attracts the diverse community surrounding USC. Revolutionario is a global experience, from entrance to the restaurant to a belly-filled bliss. Among the most popular items at this North African taqueria are the tacos, filled with meats and vegetables seasoned with numerous spices and rubs from around the world.”



Revolutionario Takes Fusion to the Extreme with Pozole Tagine and Falafel Tacos

Concept: A North African taqueria in Exposition Park, by chef and owner Farid Zadi. Zadi was born in France, his parents are Algerian, and he likes to stuff his tacos with shakshuka and falafel. Just think of him as the reigning king of fusion cuisine.

Discover Los Angeles : Great Places to Eat Near USC



These Falafel Tacos Let You Eat the Whole World at Once

But if the North African taco was going to be born anywhere, it was going to be in LA—specifically, this neighborhood of LA, West Adams, populated heavily by taquerias and located only a few miles from Leimert Park, a historic home for LA’s African diaspora community. The constant presence of immigrant communities has shaped this city’s many cultural crevices and ethnic enclaves, but it always be home to a Mexican community that pushes back against an aggressive border. The taco is this city’s first language, and its many permutations reflect LA’s perpetually changing demographics.

A Taco a Day

USC students have it nice. Two blocks to the east, as previously mentioned, is Chichen Itza and now three blocks to the west on Jefferson is Revolutionario Tacos, where you can awaken all five of your senses to these North African tacos. Yes, North African tacos, created in Berber-style from the French-Algerian chef Farid Zadi and his wife Susan Park, who provides Korean touches and culinary expertise as well (she is a published world food authority).

Take Two with A. Martinez Find the Best Tacos in L.A. with Taco Encyclopedia

Revolutionario is in Bill Ezparza’s Tacopedia, a list of essential tacos in Los Angeles

Plated Magazine

A Guide to Mastering The Non-Traditional Taco

The North African Cauliflower Taco

The Chef: Farid Zadi, Revolutionario Taco, Los Angeles
The Flavor Breakdown: Roasted cauliflower spiced with ras el hanout, a Algerian–style curry, becomes almost creamy on the inside with a nutty exterior.

KPCC’s TakeTwo

Revolutionario North African Tacos is on the list and the lead photo for the story.

USC Annenberg’s Neon Tommy (The most widely read college news site in the United States)

Viva La Revoltionario: Where Healthy and Cheap Are Not Mutually Exclusive

“I hate to say it, but I feel like a lot of activism is all talk. Like, we know what the problem is, what are you going to do about it?” asked Susan Park, who, with husband Chef Farid Zadi, opened Revolutionario in an effort to take food accessibility into their own hands.


Top 15 Hottest and Cheapest EATS

Scroll down to number 12 on this alphabetical list.

KPCC’s TakeTwo

How one LA chef invented the North African taco at his new restaurant Revolutionario


Revolutionario’s recipe for Algerian Date Newtons

Los Angeles Times

Chef Zadi’s recipe for Baghrir, North African Semolina Pancakes




North African Tacos Are Here to Stay in L.A.

North African tacos are here to stay, and rather than try to wrap your head around the idea, better to wrap a tortilla around it, and by midbite, you’ll understand with complete clarity.

Chefs Feed

Where North Africa Meets Mexico

CF: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

FZ: It’s the beginning of a food revolution. I’m not gonna change the world with this but I want to change prices. It’s the idea of making food affordable for people.

EATER LA- The Year in Tacos


North African Tacos No, we’re not going to stack the deck with every international truck in town that makes a taco, but what chef Farid Zadi is doing with his Revolucionario L.A. Food concept warrants its own category–North African stews and braises are a natural on a tortilla. After all, shakshouka is North Africa’s huevos rancheros. –